College Board
AP Website Redesign

Client Contact | Project Lead | User Research | Conceptual Sketching | Interaction Design



The Problem

College Board is known for their big, scary standardized exams. They've long struggled to provide sufficient support for teachers and students. This year, the AP program within College Board is striving to change that. 

  1. Consolidate 10+ experiences into a single experience for all constituents
  2. Surface course and exam support for teachers and students
  3. Create a workspace for AP Coordinators and Admins to craft successful exam experiences

Experience Workshop

Working to understand and extract the information that my stakeholders, I facilitated an Experience workshop were stakeholders teamed-up to create provisional personas and ideal journey maps.

This helped me determine where my stakeholders were at in their understanding of their users and defined their expectations for the overall experience and user journey.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.22.59 PM.png

User Research

30 user interviews were conducted with a variety of constituents: students, teachers, coordinators, administrators and higher education faculty.

Personas + Scenarios
Personas and Scenarios were crafted based on the research insights and findings. Using these scenarios as user journeys and workflows, designs are being crafted that revolve around the user's mental model.



Ideation Workshop

To pull out all the great ideas from the client, I conducted an exploration workshop where the client sketched out all their ideas across a set of topics for the consolidated website. After we discussed these idea, we prioritized them to identify those that our key stakeholders would like to explore with their constituents.


Information Architecture + Navigation Structure

Based on initial research, a taxonomy was identified and I created crafted a new information architecture as well as navigation structure. 


Iterative Design Process

From conceptual design through detailed design, we work through user feedback with SMEs to create a robust information architecture that will support all audiences.

To tackle all the pages and layouts, we chunked the design work into three one-week sprints. 


Final Visual Design