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Journey Map


My Role

At the Climate Corp, I was brought in to create and manage both the design and research processes. Only being semi-familiar with the audience, I selected a deep user research project as my first initiative.  

Bringing along members of the product, science, and UX team, I conducted over 30 ethnographic interviews across our audiences and segmentations. 

Building this initial buy-in with these key stakeholders was key to the success of this project.


After transcribing notes and combing them for needs, pain points, motivations, and goals, I invited the stakeholders back for a synthesis workshop and open house. (Yes, there were snacks!).

Working with a visual designer, I created the final design of the personas and journey maps. 

Communicating Findings

Each designer had been exposed to some portion of the research and synthesis process, I used these key players to educate their teams. Additionally, I presented the personas and journey map at team meetings and all hand meetings.

The Impact

In my experience, personas can easily fall flat and not take hold within the organization. Because the product teams and scientists were involved in the research and synthesis process, I found these stakeholders using the persona's first names and goals throughout their work to create user stories and scenarios.